Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Interesting Products that we don't sell!

We heard about a Sea Scorpion a few years back, when it was called Sea Spider. It was an interesting British idea being developed for defence organisations, such as coastguards, to enable them to fire in the path of a vessel and disable it without expensive damage - for example, in the fight against thieves, smugglers and pirates.

We recently rediscovered the website and found that there is now a range of products on offer from the company:
  • Sea Scorpion Lvi is a non-lethal vessel immobilistaion system
  • Sea Spill is a launchable emergency response containment system
  • Sea Saver is a launchable recovery system
  • Sea Sam is a turbo-powered projectile system

Marine Pursuits doesn't supply and can't recommend the products or company as we haven't explored either but thought it was worth bringing these interesting innovative inventions to your attention.

So now, please visit our Marine Pursuits website for products that we can supply, including this new fishing reel for under £10!