Tuesday, 27 November 2012

John Goode's Cockpit Plotter

Do you know a keen sailor who who appreciate an inexpensive, thoughtful Christmas gift?

A basic tool that has been used by many for years, John Goode's cockpit plotter replaced parallel rules as an essential element in the cockpit.

Whether you lay off everything on the chart then transfer it to the plotter or lay off on the plotter then transfer to the chart, this simple to use, waterproof, plastic plotter is very useful.

It is flexible and compact, clearly marked with course bearing and the compass rose is clearly marked North in day-glow orange for at-a-glance information.

Easy to use for quick tidal vectors, with convenient unit scales on either side and compass error scale.

Full instructions included.
Product is in stock: £7.95 + £3 P&P
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*Christmas Gift Idea*

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Living on a Boat

Financially, living on a boat is similar to living in a similar size apartment – prices start from under £100,000 and there are on-going costs, such as insurance plus ground rent or mooring fees.

Assuming that your boat is fit to cruise, there are obvious advantages over an immobile property but beware of the additional costs, for example:
  • Purchase £95,000 
  • Mooring* £5,000 p.a. (vastly variable, depending on location) 
  • Insurance variable from £200 p.a. 
  • Safety Certificate from £65 p.a. 
  • Waterways Licence from £800 p.a. 
  • Plus on-going repairs & maintenance, lighting and heating costs, etc. allow £1,000 p.a. plus. 
*sometimes, this may include services such as power, water, sewer and wifi but often they are extra. On the plus side, boat dwellers are often exempt from council tax, as this is generally covered within mooring fees.

There is no rule that says you have to pay for a permanent mooring, as you can moor along many canal banks free of charge, but there are rules about how long you can stay in any one place, much like living on the road in a camper van.

Unlike buying a bricks-and-mortar residence, boat values tend to depreciate over the years and it can be difficult to obtain finance. Sherwood First Point has helped a number of clients to find suitable Marine Mortgage or finance - contact SherwoodFP when you need help with your Marine investment.