Friday, 1 August 2014

Tickled Pink With Our Collapsible Bucket!

At Marine Pursuits, we like to introduce useful items that we value. Under the accessories section of our shop, we bring you - tada! - the collapsible bucket. It folds to a disc shape for easy transporation when empty and is also very lightweight, not adding to the heaviness of the ten litres of water or whatever you are carrying.

Visit our shop for the very useful collapsible water bucket and other items of interest:

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

UK and European Tides Software

This Neptune Navigation software programme for Tidal Height Predictions covers 659 ports - 347 in the UK plus 312 European ports.

The software enables the user to predict for any future date and time. It displays the daily curve, instantaneous rate of rise or fall of the tide, sunrise and sunset times, lunar phases, springs to neaps indicator, monthly tide times and heights.You'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Crossing the Channel

If you are or know someone who is keen to cross the channel in a small boat - the traditional way, without relying on GPS, John Goode's MasterClass DVD "Crossing the Channel" is a perfect purchase at only £16.95 +p&p.

Available from Marine Pursuits as Part of the Navigation Made Simple series of publications, you may also be interested in Practical Pilotage.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Basic Fishing Information (fresh water)

fishing in a river Fishing in lakes, canals and rivers is subject to a few rules. First of all, aged 12 upwards, you will need a rod licence (which, in fact, covers two rods). Rod licences must be purchased before arriving at the fishing site; they are available from post offices in England and Wales, by telephone or on ‘line’ at The fine for fishing without a rod licence could be as much as £2,500.

A rod licence is not the same as a fishing licence. Permission to fish needs to be obtained from the angling club or owner of the fishing rights for the water you wish to fish in, for which there is usually a fee. All fishing rights in non-tidal waters are owned by a person or entity - there is no free fishing on any Canal or River Trust-owned fishery – and being allowed to fish does not entitle you to kill or cook your catch. It is also illegal to fish using a net, under UK law.

If you have hired a canal boat and you want to fish from it when you are moored, you will need to find out who owns that section of waterway and check whether fishing from the boat, rather than the bank, is allowed then purchase a day (or season) membership of the controlling club.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Interesting Products that we don't sell!

We heard about a Sea Scorpion a few years back, when it was called Sea Spider. It was an interesting British idea being developed for defence organisations, such as coastguards, to enable them to fire in the path of a vessel and disable it without expensive damage - for example, in the fight against thieves, smugglers and pirates.

We recently rediscovered the website and found that there is now a range of products on offer from the company:
  • Sea Scorpion Lvi is a non-lethal vessel immobilistaion system
  • Sea Spill is a launchable emergency response containment system
  • Sea Saver is a launchable recovery system
  • Sea Sam is a turbo-powered projectile system

Marine Pursuits doesn't supply and can't recommend the products or company as we haven't explored either but thought it was worth bringing these interesting innovative inventions to your attention.

So now, please visit our Marine Pursuits website for products that we can supply, including this new fishing reel for under £10!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Small but Select Stock in our on-line Shop

We have a range of marine publications from the Practical Boat Owner series by John Goode and Dick Everitt.

Particularly interesting at £6.95. is the book Light and Shapes Made Simple - useful for RYA theory too.

If you prefer to gain knowledge by watching DVDs, we have Practical Pilotage and Crossing the Channel, both also by John Goode.

Click on the titles to visit our website to browse or buy!